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Emi Beauty Spa -Nail Art

Nail Art

Experience with us the ultimate nail care. From soft pastels to bold brights. Regular laqcuer, soft gel, hard gel, acrylic, dip powder or sculptured nails. Nail buffer and shine.

We can create hundreds of designs and combinations including custom nail art.  New style, classic style, your own style, we do magic with your nails!

Fantastic Nails!

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Nail Style Menu Price

  • Traditional Manicure

  • Manicure Gel

  • Traditional Pedicure

  • Pedicure Gel

  • Traditional Acrylic

  • Gel Acrylic

  • Deep Powder

  • Desing

  • Soak


  • Acrylic Nails Gel

  • Manicure/Pedicure


  • Manicure/

         Pedicure Gel

  • Nail Designs (each)

  • French Nails 




Acrylic is a liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) combination that's mixed together and when applied to the nail, the formula hardens on its own to form the nail
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Dip Powder nails are basically where you have layers of acrylic powder and resin, and the finger is either dipped  or it can be sprinkled on. It’s layered on the nail with layers of resin, and then it's filed and smoothed out.
Soft gel nails are ideal for those looking for no dry time and a long-lasting manicure that stays shiny and chip-free for (at least) two weeks.
Hard gel nails last longer than soft gel nails. Usually, you can expect them to last -in average- three weeks, but sometimes up to a month.
For an espectacular eyebrows look here!
Citrus Fruits

Customer Reviews

Excellent nail service. The team here does an amazing job at making you feel comfortable, pampered and certainly entertained. The feeling at the salon is luxurious but warm.

Anabelle S.

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